Freud's Chair

I've been listen to Alan Watts' lecture on YouTube these days, really inspired by such wise master mind, and how come I only discovered him after 29 years of existence on earth. It's also really a coincident that the state of me now really need some different thinking force interruption,  in order to free myself from this self-unaware- build loophole of pressure and fear of freedom or challenges.

It's my birthday today and really happy to received  wishes from some new friends I made during past years. I don't like the idea of heading towards 30 cos I never feel like almost being 30, not even 25 to be honest. My mind set was still in my late youth , after graduate from high school. Therefore I decided that I'm going to celebrate whatever age I feel at the present about myself. So happy 19 years bday to me , hell yeah !

Anyhow, during listening to Alan's lecture I start to think about one of the idea that I always wanted to draw ,which is the chair of Sigmund Freud. I've been to his museum in London 2 years ago, it's a small but rather interesting and very peaceful place to visit, really loved the bright big rooms and the back yard garden. The museum also provide cake and drinks.

So I did this little drawing. I like the fabric pattern which Freud throw on the long armchair. It reminds me that when I first saw his study room ,  a familiar sensation raised inside me when I saw the dark red heavy curtain. I can't remember whether the fact of knowing this scene was from any of my old dreams or childhood memories. It give me a certain amount of comfortableness but also lonesomeness feel.

The final drawing came out nothing like I pre-planed (as usual) but I'm still quite happy about it.


hello 2014

During the Xmas holiday, I was suppose to do quite a lot thing according to my original plan, but somehow just couldn't start any of them. It was the most gloomiest depress period of time I ever experienced so far and the cause of that still remain unclear. Most of time I woke up around 12 at noon, trying to do anything but fail, outside the house,  the sky fall dark very soon, when evening arrive I regret that I did't achieve anything again but too conscious to sleep.The weather was stormy , rain fall for days and weeks, most of the south west area flooded badly.

Until I realize it was more than a month since last time I updated my blog. Now the holiday finished and I'm back to work and all of sudden, I could draw and write again!

When I realize the almost robotic routing of life somehow could provide me a hint of confidence and relaxation. I am very confuse about this strange condition, which is the idea of complete freedom actually scares me but on the other side, the pressure and boredom from work drives me crazy, which make the freedom sound so sweet.

What a paradox of life. 

Anyhow, I did a small drawing today at work, inspired by one of my favourite artist Shanu Tan's Illustration story book Tales from outer suburbia,  the way he create different texture for different material of painting is amazing. I bought this book years ago but when I start read it again recently the story and drawing strangely seems completely new to me again.

Wish everyone who reads my blog a late happy new year. 


Printmaking taster weekend ( Day2 )

The 2nd day of the class we tried Etching. I like drawing a lot so really enjoy the lesson. Specially, I like that it need so many progress to produce one print, lots of people hated it as it was not easy job. However by preparing the metal plate by hand, smoothed the corner, washed off the grease then "cooked" the wax to dry so it shins like mid night coal. After that we draw with a fine sharp needle pen ,put on as many detail as possible, Then put the plate into acid liquid. Finally scratch off the wax by using dirty cloth ...... I loved and enjoyed every single moment. My hands were so dirty that the ink mark stayed on it for 2 days, but I do experienced something  rigorous and almost religious.

The pleasure that only hand craft man in the old days might experience, no machine no digital adjustment, just pure hand craft art. I could feel the texture of paper and smell of the oil ink, that really make you connect more with your artworks.

Here are my 2 days class result:
" Stove and Kettle" Black and white print from Etching.
" Lamppost by night" multiply color lino cut print from Relief.


Printmaking taster weekend ( Day1 )

Today I went to a two day printmaking taster weekend held by The Art Academy near London bridge. I've always wanted to learn some traditional printmaking skill. Today we tried linoleum relief with color reductive, which turns out lot harder than I expect. By using only one sheet to complete more than one color coating ( we did 3 color coating today), we have to plan out which lines to cut out first and also think about the color overlay result in mind. According to Victoria our instructor , the prints done by reductive way somehow held more value than the multiple relief , because there will be only limited amount of print that can be produced.

When I used to do color coating in stamp making I usually use more than one rubber block so the print can be produced infinity , as long as the rubbers don't wear out.  The way that you have to think all 3 layer at the same time is quite confusing as you can not see the final result until you had your last layer cut.

Apart from this challenge, the whole day had been really fun. In the end the 4 final print turns out better than I expected and funny enough, I somehow unconsciously chosen the color of my outfit today (dark brown, khaki and yellow), Victoria said people who come to the course always seems to do that which is really an interesting observation.

Also I had this amazing tea she made for me ,apparently just normal Sainsbury's tea bag but I can taste something different from it ,more like a nice burned, earthy fragrance. She said the secret is the bone china mug I used. Really? I never know the mug could cos such impact on taste of the tea before, will defiantly experiment on this theory later!

Last but not least, she brought us to this print material supply shop near the studio, I bought some basic lino set looking forward to try to make some small print at home later.