Night Rainbow

Recently I dreamt of seeing a night rainbow. It was so beautiful.
I often see bizarre but also magnificent scenery in dreams, they had given me so much inspirations during the years. Especially when I was going through some tough times, woke up after dreamt something like this always seem be able to cheer me up.

Old Dream

Last Saturday I saw an amazing ink drawing by a French artist Nicolas Delort while browsing in a bookshop at Soho, after went back home I spend hours look at every single drawing he had done. The way he use lines just make things turn alive, I can feel the tree, house or people creating visible air vortex around them. Somehow like Van gogh's drawing. So today I did a study drawing based on his ink on clay board technique by using Photoshop, well...I have to say it didn't came out as good as I thought it will be, the strokes are there but the whole picture is lacking of some visual  impact, maybe next time should choose a different perspective. Still got lot to learn and practice.

The subject was chosen from one of my old dreams. Few years ago I once dream about wondering around in a tropical island with my hubby (boyfriend at that time), by the edge of this island, the white beach stretched into the greenish blue clear water, and not very far way, stood these two enormously huge rocks. They are at least 50 meters tall, one slightly smaller than the other. It seems to me they were dropped from outer space million years ago.

The water was shallow enough to walk across but still going there with boat was faster. We took a small boat and rowed towards the rocks. I could see shinning reflection of the water projected on their wet surface. We got off the boat near by and lying down on a small sand hill just appeared above the water, the sea was clam and the water was warm. We did't talk to each other at all but just stared at these giant rocks above our head and listened to the sound of the wave from far away.