Column artwork

Recently I was invited by SOME, a Chinese bicycle lifestyle based website to become one of their columnist. For the past few years, I've have been writing for many other Chinese newspaper and magazine, as I love literature and reading, I found it helps me  practicing my writing skill. And to my surprise, this time they offered me a individual page with customizable image header space and no subject or word number restriction.

Not only I love the freedom of able to write whatever really interested me , but I also enjoyed   creating my own column illustration. Here is one of the illustration I did for prompting my new column few days ago. It was Inspired by one of my favorite film director Wes Anderson.

Link of my column , if you are interested  无用生活手帐

Thank you past & Hello future !

Recently I left the company I've been working for 6 and half years. Now finally I'm free, free to do whatever I want, life is full of possibility again.After all I had spend very long time there, it was lots of mix feeling about leaving, too many memories. On the last day I did a little thank you card for my ex boss, as I remember in the beginning the company was so small that they don't even have any HR to do interviews, so I was interviewed by my boss personally. 

I guess there won't be a new start without an end. 
The uncertain type of tomorrow is always the best kind of tomorrow, if future can be predicted then how boring our life will be?

thank you.jpg

There was a little gift/stationary shop I often go visit during my school age, it was call " NONO the rainbow house". It was truly indeed a wonderland for me.The things they sell in the shop to me now might seems quite ordinary or even bit childish, but the warm comfort memory of passing it by, with or without going in after my evening lesson, was always one of my most precious memories. Sometimes I would bought some little bits and bobs like pen or stickers, most of time I simply just wonder around inside for hours and hours.

By then I was very broke  and just living my normal student life, however you feel you were always on top of the world. I can only afford very little thing per visit but I was never upset about my limitation of choice. I had hope within myself, within life and within the future." I can always come back and get it , good things waits me ahead. " What an extraordinary feeling of being a teenager. Ridiculously optimistic about everything.

I missed there once a little place on earth had given me this enormous unconditional satisfaction and confidence. So here I made a little drawing from my memory. It was always had this glowing in the dark image whenever I think about it and It always make me very happy.