hello 2014

During the Xmas holiday, I was suppose to do quite a lot thing according to my original plan, but somehow just couldn't start any of them. It was the most gloomiest depress period of time I ever experienced so far and the cause of that still remain unclear. Most of time I woke up around 12 at noon, trying to do anything but fail, outside the house,  the sky fall dark very soon, when evening arrive I regret that I did't achieve anything again but too conscious to sleep.The weather was stormy , rain fall for days and weeks, most of the south west area flooded badly.

Until I realize it was more than a month since last time I updated my blog. Now the holiday finished and I'm back to work and all of sudden, I could draw and write again!

When I realize the almost robotic routing of life somehow could provide me a hint of confidence and relaxation. I am very confuse about this strange condition, which is the idea of complete freedom actually scares me but on the other side, the pressure and boredom from work drives me crazy, which make the freedom sound so sweet.

What a paradox of life. 

Anyhow, I did a small drawing today at work, inspired by one of my favourite artist Shanu Tan's Illustration story book Tales from outer suburbia,  the way he create different texture for different material of painting is amazing. I bought this book years ago but when I start read it again recently the story and drawing strangely seems completely new to me again.

Wish everyone who reads my blog a late happy new year.