Freud's Chair

I've been listen to Alan Watts' lecture on YouTube these days, really inspired by such wise master mind, and how come I only discovered him after 29 years of existence on earth. It's also really a coincident that the state of me now really need some different thinking force interruption,  in order to free myself from this self-unaware- build loophole of pressure and fear of freedom or challenges.

It's my birthday today and really happy to received  wishes from some new friends I made during past years. I don't like the idea of heading towards 30 cos I never feel like almost being 30, not even 25 to be honest. My mind set was still in my late youth , after graduate from high school. Therefore I decided that I'm going to celebrate whatever age I feel at the present about myself. So happy 19 years bday to me , hell yeah !

Anyhow, during listening to Alan's lecture I start to think about one of the idea that I always wanted to draw ,which is the chair of Sigmund Freud. I've been to his museum in London 2 years ago, it's a small but rather interesting and very peaceful place to visit, really loved the bright big rooms and the back yard garden. The museum also provide cake and drinks.

So I did this little drawing. I like the fabric pattern which Freud throw on the long armchair. It reminds me that when I first saw his study room ,  a familiar sensation raised inside me when I saw the dark red heavy curtain. I can't remember whether the fact of knowing this scene was from any of my old dreams or childhood memories. It give me a certain amount of comfortableness but also lonesomeness feel.

The final drawing came out nothing like I pre-planed (as usual) but I'm still quite happy about it.