Printmaking taster weekend ( Day2 )

The 2nd day of the class we tried Etching. I like drawing a lot so really enjoy the lesson. Specially, I like that it need so many progress to produce one print, lots of people hated it as it was not easy job. However by preparing the metal plate by hand, smoothed the corner, washed off the grease then "cooked" the wax to dry so it shins like mid night coal. After that we draw with a fine sharp needle pen ,put on as many detail as possible, Then put the plate into acid liquid. Finally scratch off the wax by using dirty cloth ...... I loved and enjoyed every single moment. My hands were so dirty that the ink mark stayed on it for 2 days, but I do experienced something  rigorous and almost religious.

The pleasure that only hand craft man in the old days might experience, no machine no digital adjustment, just pure hand craft art. I could feel the texture of paper and smell of the oil ink, that really make you connect more with your artworks.

Here are my 2 days class result:
" Stove and Kettle" Black and white print from Etching.
" Lamppost by night" multiply color lino cut print from Relief.