Printmaking taster weekend ( Day1 )

Today I went to a two day printmaking taster weekend held by The Art Academy near London bridge. I've always wanted to learn some traditional printmaking skill. Today we tried linoleum relief with color reductive, which turns out lot harder than I expect. By using only one sheet to complete more than one color coating ( we did 3 color coating today), we have to plan out which lines to cut out first and also think about the color overlay result in mind. According to Victoria our instructor , the prints done by reductive way somehow held more value than the multiple relief , because there will be only limited amount of print that can be produced.

When I used to do color coating in stamp making I usually use more than one rubber block so the print can be produced infinity , as long as the rubbers don't wear out.  The way that you have to think all 3 layer at the same time is quite confusing as you can not see the final result until you had your last layer cut.

Apart from this challenge, the whole day had been really fun. In the end the 4 final print turns out better than I expected and funny enough, I somehow unconsciously chosen the color of my outfit today (dark brown, khaki and yellow), Victoria said people who come to the course always seems to do that which is really an interesting observation.

Also I had this amazing tea she made for me ,apparently just normal Sainsbury's tea bag but I can taste something different from it ,more like a nice burned, earthy fragrance. She said the secret is the bone china mug I used. Really? I never know the mug could cos such impact on taste of the tea before, will defiantly experiment on this theory later!

Last but not least, she brought us to this print material supply shop near the studio, I bought some basic lino set looking forward to try to make some small print at home later.